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We are happy you are interested in the unit. We can use whatever help you are willing to volunteer for and have time for. CAP meetings are traditionally on Tuesday nights and hopefully you have that night free. Most CAP units in other cities meet weekly, some meet bi-weekly for two hour meetings.  We think as a Senior squadron, to start, we will meet weekly to get the needed training accomplished to have people up and qualified in Emergency services and the other areas of responsibility.

Prior CAP members can get membership renewed.  We are beginning the process moving towards a charter for the Frankfort / Clinton County unit.  Our new squadron commander has been involved with CAP for thirteen years.  While away on active duty Air Force assignments for a couple of years endng recently the CAP operations had to wait.  Our commander is just back to his normal civilian airline life and is settled back into the Frankfort area. Now that he has time he really wants to make a succesful unit at the Frankfort airport. What he is looking for now are interested people. You can be among the first.   Thank you! 
Bobby Beam the local airport manager is interested and one or two others at the airport are as well.  Please talk about it to people about it and let our commander know if there is anyone that you know that wouldn't mind a phone call to talk about it. 
Soon he will have the new unit up and running and will be able to order brochures so that we can start to recruit others. The primary goal is to get the Senior CAP unit up and running.  Then secondarily we will get an airplane rotating into FKR for a periodic two week rotation schedule for our training.  The planes are less expensive to rent than the average pilot would expect. The Cessna 182 is 46 an hour dry and 172 is 35 or there abouts an hour dry.  We then must get our Senior members trained and educated in CAP protocol and procedures, then hopefully in about six months to a year's time at the most we can go to the local High Schools and begin getting the youth involved.  Then our plans would endeavor to build the biggest Cadet & Senior, or otherwise known as Composite Squadron in the Indiana CAP Wing.  Our commander's airline career keeps him travelling.  Please do not hesitate to call him or to have others call either of my telephone numbers below anytime.

Ben Gottshall, CAP Squadron Commander



Fly Frankfort, Clinton County Indiana as an Air Force Auxillary member.